Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cardinals (And Holliday) Take It In The Nuts

My that glove looks awful empty.

Los Angeles - Bottom of 9thSCORE
Trever Miller pitching for St. LouisSTLLAD
T Miller relieved A Wainwright.21
A Ethier popped out to second.21
R Franklin relieved T Miller.21
M Ramirez flied out to center.21
J Loney safe at second on error by left fielder M Holliday.21
J Pierre ran for J Loney.21
C Blake walked.21
R Belliard singled to center, J Pierre scored, C Blake to second.22
C Blake to third, R Belliard to second on passed ball by Y Molina.22
R Martin walked.22
M Loretta hit for G Sherrill.22
M Loretta singled to center, C Blake scored, R Belliard to third, R Martin to second.23

Mark Lorretta of all people! That alone will keep me smiling all night long. More to come once I can gather my thoughts.


Val-The Cupcake said...

I know...unbelievable! ^_~