Thursday, October 8, 2009

Excitment With Photos

If a picture tells a thousand words, then these narrate through the night.

Photos courtesy of AP and Getty Images. Photographer not listed at time of publication.


Nat said...

I thought i would never forgive my dad for making us leave early and miss Gibson's homer in '88. However, he surprised me with a ticket to today's game and we stayed for the whole game as did 50,000+.

We were rewarded with a classic Dodger win and possibly my favorite moment as a fan. I've seen some great things at the Stadium, but this one I will treasure forever.

Playoff games bring out the best in baseball.

9 more wins to go.

KempKershaw said...

Blake took a little spillsy.

Brandon said...

Nat- First it was my turn in Game 1 with my Dad, and now it's yours. It's always special watching the Dodgers with the man that taught you to love them.

KempKershaw- I hope his hammy holds up!